2021 Spring/Summer Try League Registration Info

Registration is now open for the Superior Rugby 2021 Spring TRY Season!  You can access it here:

Registration costs are broken into 3 different memberships:

1.  USA Rugby & Rugby Colorado Dues: $60 (U8) and $125 (U10, U12 and Middle School)

2.  Superior Rugby Spring season dues:  $100 (U08) or $125 (U10, U12 and  Middle School) – These dues vary, and are charged for each season played in to cover team operating costs such as uniforms, equipment, practice field rental, etc.  We offer a multi-child discount for families registering more than one child.

Registration will be $220.00 per U10, U12 and Middle School player  and $160.00 per U8 Flag player this year.  Please follow this link to get started or copy and paste into your browser:

After you get into Sportlomo, choose Log In and Complete Registration.  You will use the same email and password used in previous seasons when registering.  In the event the system does not recognize your previous password, you may need to reset by choosing Forgot Password.  If the system still does not recognize your email address and login info, you can choose Sign Up and setup a new account and we will merge your old account with your new account once the we get everyone registered.

Once you get in and begin registering, you will come to several waiver sheets that need to be individually initialed.  In order to activate the initial button, you will need to scroll through each waiver to get to the end of each one.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  You can also get support by contacting Sportlomo at

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Hanson at or Angie Nivens at